Advanced Placement®

Advanced Placement®

The Advanced Placement®(AP®) program is a cooperative educational endeavor between secondary schools, colleges and universities. The AP® program supplements Alberta courses for Grades 11-12 students seeking further academic challenge. Successful AP® exam completion positions them to qualify for credit transfer or advanced placement at many universities. Selected students may have the opportunity to write Advanced Placement® exams in May each year whether they have taken the instruction provided by the School or not. For more information about the Advanced Placement® program, please visit

AP® Scholar Awards

Scholar  Awards are presented to students demonstrating college-level achievement through AP®courses and exams. A certificate is presented and acknowledged on a score report sent to universities. Awards include:
    • AP® Scholar: For scores of at least 3 on 3 or more AP®Exams
    • AP® Scholar with Honors: For average scores  of at least  3.25 on all AP®Exams taken,  and scores  of 3 or higher on 4 or more of these
    • AP® Scholar with Distinction: For average scores of at least 3.5 on all AP®Exams taken and scores of 3 or higher on 5 or more exams

AP® School Score Summary

CAIS Student20182019
Total AP Students5431
Number of Exams9356
AP Students with Scores 3+4728
% of Total AP Students with Scores 3+87.090.3

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