Resumption of Classes on Campus

Dear Parents, We have provided more details on the arrangement for class resumption. Please refer to our latest announcement on SchoolsBuddy. Special Notes:Apply for leave if your child is not resuming school on the specified date. This is found at Fill out Travel History and Temperature Record Sheet form and bring them back when school resumes. Blessings,Richard VanderpylHead of School

School Communications

The Senior Leaders have assigned a unique email address: that you can use if you have questions or concerns relating to Online Learning and School suspension. The Senior Leaders will review the questions twice a week and either respond privately to you or where the concerns or questions are common to a number of parents, we will respond in Connect Weekly. This is our way of hearing directly from parents of your concerns or questions.

For specific questions in relation to your child’s learning in a subject, please continue to talk directly with the teacher.

Classes will resume for HALF DAYS for Primary and High School students according to the following schedule:
Class Level Date of class resumption Start Time Finish Time
Grades 4-6 Wednesday 20 May 8:00 am 12:30 pm
Grades 9-12 12:00 pm 4:40 pm
Grades 1-3 Monday 25 May 8:00 am 12:30 pm
Grades 7-8 12:00 pm 4:40 pm
Preparatory Thursday 28 May 8:00 am 12:30 pm

Primary School Hours
Primary students being dropped off by parents should arrive between 7:35 am and 7:55 am. Classes start at 8 am sharp.
School buses will only operate for Primary School students, to and from morning classes. Primary classes finish at 12:30 pm, and buses will leave at 12:45 pm. Further information will be provided by the Bus company.
Unfortunately, we are not able to allow Primary students stay at school in the afternoon. All Primary students must be collected from school by 12:45 pm.
For parents and helpers collecting their children, they will have temperature checks taken before entering the school grounds.

High School Hours
High school students must arrive between 11:45 am and 11:55 am in order to start classes at 12pm. High School students finish at 4:40 pm and must leave the school by 5 pm.

Please be aware that ZOOM online lessons will stop once students at that grade resume school. Teachers will post through Powerschool the material covered that day and any homework, but it will not be the same level as is currently done.

Guidelines, Procedures and More: