Alice Lee, Primary Homeroom Teacher

June 12, 2020

Where did you grow up/study?

I was born and raised in a trilingual family in Hong Kong. I went to the UK when I was 16 and finished my studies there. After 8 years, I’ve finally decided to move back to Hong Kong!

Can you tell us more about your role at CAIS.

Being an English Learner Specialist, I will be working with my team to provide students with ELL with the support they need to access the learning in their classes. Having only worked in the primary section, it will be a new challenge for me.

How did you wind up here?

To be honest, I didn’t plan to come back to Hong Kong this year. However, due to the coronavirus, my husband and I decided it was God’s time schedule for us to move back to Asia.

Biggest challenge and rewarding moment working in education?

I would say the biggest challenge I’ve faced is dealing with tricky children who come from complex family backgrounds. However, the most rewarding moment to me is when I can feel that I’ve built a trusting relationship with those children. It makes me feel special!

What kind of student were you?

I was never quiet. I wasn’t extremely studious and preferred extra-curricular activities like singing in the choir and playing for the school hockey team.

What do you miss most about Hong Kong when you are overseas?

Definitely the food!