We are dedicated to shining a spotlight on our community - students, teachers, alumni, parents and friends of CAIS who are adding vibrancy to CAIS.

CAIS Spotlight series amplifies the inspiring stories of our dynamic community.

1500+ CAIS family members | 1 culturally diverse learning community

We are dedicated to shining a spotlight on our community - students, teachers, alumni, parents and friends of CAIS who are adding vibrancy to CAIS.CAIS Spotlight series amplifies the inspiring stories of our dynamic community.

1500+ CAIS family members | 1 culturally diverse learning community

An interview with Boccia Paralympian Hiu Lam YEUNG

Last summer, CAIS had the honor to be selected by Hong Kong Sports Association for the Physically Disabled (HKSAPD) [formerly known as Hong Kong Paralympic Committee & Sports Association for the…

CAIS Physical Education Teachers on pushing boundaries

Physical Education is one of the best examples to help us reimagine the physical setting of a learning space during Covid.

Rising to the challenge of reaching new heights: Richard Nadar

"Have you heard the plan?" "No, not the dinner or weekend plan, although a nice chicken shawarma meal or a weekend getaway does sound enticing."

Rising to the challenge of student leadership: Hannah Tam

The CAIS Peer Tutoring Club (PTC) initiative understands the anxiousness of students getting the help and support when they need it the most.

Reminiscences of an IB education

Hae In Kim is a Grade 2 homeroom teacher at CAIS and as a student studied the IB curriculum which will be available for the final two years of high school students at CAIS starting academic year…

Rising to the challenge of unlocking students' leadership potential

Leadership theories are meaningless unless they can inspire students to grow, lead and make an impact on our community.

Rising to the challenge of getting the ball rolling for STEM learning

Our teachers were recently invited by the school to share updates on their latest professional accreditations and accomplishments that they attained as part of an annual reminder encouraging everyone…

Meet the Teacher Infusing New Purpose into Art Education

In the summer of 2017, Robin Schortgen began her career as an art teacher at Christian Alliance International School.

Meet CAIS teachers: Sophie Chen and Agnes Fung

Agnes Fung and Sophie Chen are the Chinese Language Team Leads for primary and secondary sections respectively at Christian Alliance International School (CAIS) where it offers the most robust and…

Making Things Happen: The CAIS Tech Team

CAIS Tech Team is an absolute team player and has changed the perceptions of what role students play at schools.

How CAIS Student Services help us embrace differences in a year like no other

With 2020 having just days left to run, many of us are looking forward to celebrating the new year.

What life lessons can we learn through a virtual science classroom

When CAIS High School Science teacher James Sandy took his class online during this year's pandemic, he knew he was going to face challenges getting his students

Celebrating a unique transformative educational experience

While Phase I supports students’ academic development, Phase II will be a powerhouse of ideas to inspire creativity and motivate students to learn beyond classrooms.

CAIS Innovates: Digital Literacy Program

The coronavirus pandemic has changed every aspect of our lives and the world has turned to technology to provide solutions and gain new insights to help us fight the virus.

Meet the next generation of innovators

Marko Choi | Class of 2020

CAIS Behind the Scenes: The Pilgrim’s Progress

CAIS Christian Ethics Teacher Mr Richard Nadar teams up with Dr Jonathan Johnson, Pastor at Island Baptist Church to launch a book study project. The Pilgrim's Progress is the first book they picked…

Violin Virtuoso Adrian Anantawan

One of the equalizers about music is that it's not how you look but it's how you sound. Being able to think that someone can close their eyes and just hear rather than seeing someone who is missing a…

Navigating the Education Maze: a parent's perspective

Mr Cheung has firsthand experience with different curriculum systems beginning with his own education. We asked him to share with us his experience.

Bethany Hall

Lower Primary Teacher

Diana Alagar

Secondary Teacher

Jared Roberge

PE Teacher

Virginia Collingwood

Secondary Teacher

Kylie Pomana

Secondary Teacher

Catherine Roberge

Lower Primary Teacher

Matthew Fung

Secondary Teacher

Rong Han

Upper Primary Teacher

Lorellei Samela

PE Teacher

Saia Pomana

Secondary Teacher

Nicole McDonald

Lower Primary Teacher

Susan Park

Secondary Teacher

Saria Chan

Secondary Teacher

Samuel Ho

Lower Primary Teacher

Christine Park

Secondary Teacher

Taryn Brannekamper

Learning Support Teacher


With “Service” being one of the core values at CAIS, there are many opportunities that empower students to demonstrate hospitality and fulfill their potential as Christian leaders and global…


Students are allocated to one of the four houses at CAIS which are name after Christian missionaries. Primary House is where every student can feel included and valued. Are you ready for House?

Celebrating our first graduating IB cohort

Elysse Eng is proud to be a part of the first IB cohort to receive their well-deserved diplomas. She shares with us her two years of learning experience at CAIS.

One step closer to the world's podium

Like many aspiring athletes, Hugo Choy's dream came true when he was selected by the Hong Kong Sports Institute to become a member of the Hong Kong karatedo team.

Fall Down Seven Times, Stand Up Eight

As a student athlete who has won medals in numerous skateboarding competitions, Sherman Tang has learned how to fall, and have the courage to get up again after falling.

Challenge Accepted: Crossing the Desert for a Cause

CAIS high school student, Nicole Chik, is embarking on an extraordinary journey to raise funds for her chosen charity to help those in need. Find out what inspired her to take on this remarkable…

Growing in Faith

Reflecting on the 11 years that he was a student at CAIS, Ethan Chung is most proud of being able to participate in positions of leadership and service in school.

A Love for Science and the Road to Becoming a Physician

“Going to university can be a big change of environment. Don’t look back; anticipate and focus on the journey ahead of you.”

Together, We Pray and Praise

Worship and prayers are at the heart of CAIS. Read on to find out what prompted this group of staff and students to devote themselves to the school’s Worship Team.

You Only Live Once

Sometimes, it is not about how much time you spend at a place, but the memories you make.

In Pursuit of a Childhood Dream

As a child, David Lau pictured himself growing up to be a detective one day, just like many imaginative kids. Unlike many though, he did not just stop there.

A Valuable Summer Internship

“CAIS is a tight-knit, accommodating place where the success of each student is forged by the dedication and continued support of teachers and staff.”

Thirteen Years at CAIS, a Place I Call Home

"CAIS is a tight-knit community where students are always encouraged to be the greatest version of themselves."

Planting Seeds of Kindness in the Butterfly Garden

Each year, Kindness Week is held as a meaningful and fun-filled celebration for us to learn about the value of kindness and being caring to others.


A student at CAIS from Grade 10 to 12, Wendy Fung has truly demonstrated that learning often takes place beyond the classroom.


A Grade 9 student at CAIS, Yat Au started learning the cello at the young age of six. Read on as he shares his musical journey with us.

WWW: World-Wide Whizkid – Learning in a virtual global classroom

Twelve-year-old Vinci Chan (7A) has been interested in life science, biology, paleontology and zoology since he was 3-4 years old.

Chantel Yiu Cheuk Faye (Grade 9A) student has been going strong in the recent TV singing contest

Chantel Yiu, a grade 9 student at CAIS enters herself in a TV singing contest.

The Connoisseurs – A Fantasy Story by Janis Ho (Grade 4C)

“I don’t think... I can take it anymore...” Queen Aquarius, the connoisseur of magic struggled to say.

The Journey of a Student Through the Sea of Life

Like sports, art has long been a unifier. The artworks at CAIS’s campus at Butterfly Valley have not only given colours to the school’s interior spaces, the messages behind these creative works have…

A passion for music and music education #7 of 7

There was a little bit of a music culture in our family. My uncle played the violin as an amateur and from a very early age, I heard him practicing and I was fascinated by the instrument...

A passion for music and music education #6 of 7

In Hong Kong I think that parents want their children to cultivate their creativity and they look to music and art to help cultivate it but sometimes the decision is then imposed on the child.

A passion for music and music education #5 of 7

I did not start out with the bassoon. I started out at age 6 playing the violin but after a year, I gave up. I found that the posture to play the violin to be too awkward for me so I gave up. At age…

A passion for music and music education #4 of 7

I am Izumi Nikaido and I am a flutist. I was born in Kagoshima City, Japan and started to play the piano when I was 3 years old.

A passion for music and music education #3 of 7

When I graduated from High School, I enrolled in the Senior Program at APA and spent the next 4 years there. In 1993, I was recruited to be the associate principal Horn for the Korean Symphony…

A passion for music and music education #2 of 7

I was born and grew up in Taiwan. When I was a child, my mother strongly encouraged my two sisters and me to learn playing piano. One day she discovered that I was able to play all the pop songs…

A passion for music and music education #1 of 7

She is an acclaimed young virtuoso of the new generation started learning the cello when she was ten at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts.

“Father Forgets”

As a father of four children (youngest is now 24!), I think I can say with experience, that we don’t always get parenting right.

“Goldilocks and the 3 Bears”

I am sure we all know the story, “Goldilocks and the 3 bears”. It is a lovely story that has an excellent parenting and teaching technique hidden within it.

“Good Literacy Floats on a Sea of Talk”

Earlier this week the English Language Learning (ELL) Department shared with staff their expertise in working with students for whom English is a second language.

You are Special!

This week I have enjoyed reading to all the Preparatory children, Max Lucado’s book “You are Special”. This storytelling has become a tradition at CAIS where every Preparatory child is gifted a copy…

Clock Builders

Recently I was listening to an audiobook from one of my favourite authors, Jim Collins, who wrote “Good to Great” and “Built to Last”.

The role of hope in our lives

Napoleon Bonaparte once said, “A leader is a dealer in hope.” In my opinion, so too, “Teachers are dealers in hope.”

“Praise the LORD, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits.”

Recently I received an email from an airline company informing me that they were ‘elevating my benefits’! That surprised me considering I have not travelled in the past 18 months!

Future-proofing students

In 1991 American scientists began an amazing experiment, the world’s first ‘Closed Biosphere’ enclosure.

A reflection on Easter

In ‘pre-covid’ times, many churches would hold two Easter services, one on Good Friday and one on Easter Sunday.

“It is well with my soul”

One of my favourite Christian hymns (song) is one titled, “It is well with my soul”, written by Horatio Spafford in the 18th century.


As I follow the news about Coronavirus and its impact on people, and communities, it is easy to begin to despair. Questions quickly rise, such as ‘when will this end?’, ‘Is the vaccine safe?’, ‘When…

The Power of Decluttering

A number of years ago, I read a book that had, and still does, an impact on me and I would like to share some thoughts from it with you. The book, by Bill Hybels, is called ‘Simplify – 10 practices…


This Sunday is the second Sunday in advent as we celebrate the coming of Christ as Saviour.


When our children were very young, we lived in a different part of New Zealand to where their grandparents lived. I can still remember their reaction when my wife and I would say ‘Grandma and Grandpa…

The heart of Christian Education

Last Saturday, if the Parent Teacher Interviews were taking place at school, I was to give a talk on “The heart of Christian Education.”

Canadian Thanksgiving Day 2020

This coming Monday, 12th October, Canadians will celebrate Thanksgiving Day. (Jour de l'Action de grâce).


“Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms.”