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Marko Choi | Class of 2020

CAIS Behind the Scenes: The Pilgrim’s Progress

CAIS Christian Ethics Teacher Mr Richard Nadar teams up with Dr Jonathan Johnson, Pastor at Island Baptist Church to launch a book study project. The Pilgrim's Progress is the first book they picked…

Violin Virtuoso Adrian Anantawan

One of the equalizers about music is that it's not how you look but it's how you sound. Being able to think that someone can close their eyes and just hear rather than seeing someone who is missing a…

Navigating the Education Maze: a parent’s perspective

Mr Cheung has firsthand experience with different curriculum systems beginning with his own education. We asked him to share with us his experience.

The Journey of a Student Through the Sea of Life

Like sports, art has long been a unifier. The artworks at CAIS’s campus at Butterfly Valley have not only given colours to the school’s interior spaces, the messages behind these creative works have…

A passion for music and music education #7 of 7

There was a little bit of a music culture in our family. My uncle played the violin as an amateur and from a very early age, I heard him practicing and I was fascinated by the instrument...

A passion for music and music education #6 of 7

In Hong Kong I think that parents want their children to cultivate their creativity and they look to music and art to help cultivate it but sometimes the decision is then imposed on the child.

A passion for music and music education #5 of 7

I did not start out with the bassoon. I started out at age 6 playing the violin but after a year, I gave up. I found that the posture to play the violin to be too awkward for me so I gave up. At age…

A passion for music and music education #4 of 7

I am Izumi Nikaido and I am a flutist. I was born in Kagoshima City, Japan and started to play the piano when I was 3 years old.

A passion for music and music education #3 of 7

When I graduated from High School, I enrolled in the Senior Program at APA and spent the next 4 years there. In 1993, I was recruited to be the associate principal Horn for the Korean Symphony…

A passion for music and music education #2 of 7

I was born and grew up in Taiwan. When I was a child, my mother strongly encouraged my two sisters and me to learn playing piano. One day she discovered that I was able to play all the pop songs…

A passion for music and music education #1 of 7

She is an acclaimed young virtuoso of the new generation started learning the cello when she was ten at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts.


11 September 2020