Fees & Capital Notes

Fee Schedule (2024-2025)

Grade🔔 Annual Tuition Fee (HKD) by 10 installments
Grade 1 to Grade 3$147,600
Grade 4$155,200
Grade 5$166,500
Grade 6$178,000
Grade 7 to Grade 9$192,400
Grade 10 to Grade 12$210,400
IB Diploma Programme (Grade 11 & Grade 12)$222,100
🔔 Subject to the approval of the Education Bureau

*Individual Capital Note (Transferable)

CAIS Limited has developed an Individual Capital Note (ICN) to meet the capital expenditures for the construction of the school at Butterfly Valley and its future enhancements. The ICN is a one-time, non-interest bearing and unsecured note issued by CAIS Limited.

For new students, the ICN payment is due within 30 days of acceptance or prior to attending classes, whichever is earlier. Parents are required to submit the ICN Application Form together with payment to the Admissions Office. Parents can transfer their ICN to new families through our school when their children terminate from CAIS. A handling fee will be charged upon the completion of the transfer.

Cost of Individual Capital Note (2024-2025):

  • HK$560,000 for the first child
  • HK$504,000 for the second child
  • HK$476,000 for the third child

ICN/ICC Administrative Fees (HKD)

 Transfer of ICN 🔔 1% of face value of the relevant ICN
 Refund of ICC 🔔 1% of face value of the relevant ICC
Transfer within 12 months from the date of the ICN Covered Child's first day of attendance in the School 15% of face value of the relevant ICN
 Re-issuance of ICN/ICC Certificate due to the following:
(1) Change of ownership or personal particulars
(2) Loss Certificate or transfer without original Certificate
(a) $1,000
(b) $500

🔔 For details of the administrative fees of ICN/ICC, please refer to the respective Terms & Conditions.


*Annual Capital Levy (Non-refundable)

Upon student registration at the School, a non-refundable, non-transferable fixed sum to be collected annually for each student NOT COVERED by a CCN, ICN or ICC. The amount of the Annual Capital Levy (ACL) is assessed for each academic year and the school reserves the right to change the amount of capital levy from time to time. The ACL amount for the 2024-2025 academic year is HK$28,000. The ACL is payable each year upon registration. No discount will be offered on an ACL.

1st (highest grade level)N/A
Other Mandatory Fees Description
Application Fee*The application fee is non-refundable and non-transferable and must be received together with the application form. The application fee covers the administrative cost. This fee is only valid for the academic year originally applied for. If an applicant does not gain admission, and thus reapplies for the next academic year, the application fee must be paid again.
Reservation FeeThe reservation fee which equals to one-month tuition fee will be collected within one month before the beginning of the new school year and will be credited against the first tuition payment. If the applicant has accepted the offer but subsequently decides not to come, this fee will be forfeited.
Tuition Fee Invoice (Hard Copy)Free for first copy, $30 for any extra copy
Tuition Fee Official Receipt (Hard Copy)Free for first copy, $30 for any extra copy
Fee Certificate with School ChopFree for first copy, $30 for any extra copy
Re-issuance of Refund Check$30
Request to Send Documents by Registered Mail$30
Registered Mail Return Charges$30

*Corporate Capital Note (Transferable)

A Corporate Capital Note (CCN) will be issued to a company which has been approved by the school. Students enrolled with a CCN are not required to hold an Individual Capital Note or Annual Capital Levy. A CCN holder is entitled to the following:

  • The company may nominate one child (the nominee) at a time for a place at the school under each CCN.
  • The school will guarantee such nominee will be given an admissions assessment when space becomes available.
  • The CCN nominee who has fulfilled the requirements of the admissions assessment will be placed as the highest priority in the wait pool in the event that vacancies are unavailable for that academic year.

For more information about our Corporate Capital Note Program, please contact us at advancement@caisbv.edu.hk 

Please view the Miscellaneous Fees here.

A. Tuition

  • The parent is liable for Tuition Fees up to, and including, the final month in which the student attends school, even if attendance is only for part of the final month.
  • The Tuition Fee of any month during which the student attends school, whether for part or all of that month, will not be refunded.
  • Any outstanding fees will be deducted before the ICN is refunded.
  • No school records, transcripts or academic credits will be granted or released until the student's account is paid in full.

B. Annual Capital Levy

The Annual Capital Levy once paid to the CAIS Limited Council, will under no circumstances be refunded.

*Fees have been approved by the Hong Kong Education Bureau** Mandatory charges approved by the Hong Kong Education Bureau