Head of School's Welcome

I am delighted to have this opportunity to introduce you to Christian Alliance International School. A school that has a clear purpose: “To cultivate learners with knowledge, skills, integrity and discernment, growing in love for God and service to humanity.”

Our desire for the students is that they might have the mind, heart and life of Jesus and be his disciples for the glory of God. All teaching and learning at Christian Alliance International School are for transformation; therefore there is a deep reliance on God’s Word and the Holy Spirit to work with students for the transformation of mind, heart, life and character.

There is a rigorous and compassionate learning environment in each classroom where students are called to faithfully use of their gifts and talents to a high standard and for building community with others. We desire to have students see their God-given gifts and talents as a means to bless others and enrich the society God has placed them in, “service before self.”

At Christian Alliance International School, we recognize that each student is wonderfully and uniquely made in the image of God. Teachers provide a range of learning strategies that enable students to flourish in their areas of strength, while also challenging them to grow in areas for development.

Our desire is that all students experience the joy of learning!

Christian Alliance International School is a Christ-centered and student-focused community school. We recognize parents as the “first educators” of their children and so we seek to build strong harmonious relationships with parents.

We are a school that has a long term vision, in fact an eternal vision for our students. Not only do we educate for today, but for the future, a life with Christ.

Join with us on this exciting journey to cultivate the learners of today and leaders for tomorrow. A journey that shapes students’ heart and mind to love God and serve humanity.

In Christ,

Richard Vanderpyl
Head of School