School Leadership

Welcome to Christian Alliance International School (CAIS)! If this is your first time visiting our website, we hope it will inspire you to come and visit CAIS for yourself.

CAIS is engaged in supporting young people to flourish and grow in a climate of high expectation supported by love, clarity of objective, through excellent spiritual, physical and moral education, as well as an outstanding academic challenge. Appropriately, our mission is to cultivate learners with knowledge, skills, integrity and discernment, growing in love for God and service to humanity.

CAIS has a long and distinguished history and it remains true to the guiding values of the founding members: the pursuit of excellence, the development of each student’s’ talents, the fostering of an awareness of God’s love and purpose and an understanding of the needs of others.

The school has an impressive record of academic success and is consistently one of the top performers in public examinations. Our students gain admission to competitive courses at leading universities across the world. However, pastoral care lies at the heart of CAIS as our students are cherished and nurtured to ensure they fulfill their God-given potential.

We provide our students with a rich variety of co-curricular activities. Music, Sport, Drama and many other pursuits are available. These are enjoyable in themselves, but they also help young people to develop the plethora of skills required to be successful in the demanding world of the twenty-first century.

CAIS is already an outstanding school and it is our vision that the next few years the school will become more widely and even more highly regarded as a world leader in education as we continue to ‘transform’ young hearts and minds today into the leaders of tomorrow instilled with a lifelong love of learning.

If you would like to find out more about CAIS, we welcome you to schedule a visit to our school!

Martin Lau
Chairman of Registered Management Committee

Clarence Chan
School Supervisor

The Registered Management Committee (RMC) is the School’s governing body appointed by the Kowloon Tong Church of the Chinese Christian and Missionary Alliance (KTAC).  The RMC is responsible for the management and development of the School and is comprised of the following managers who serve as volunteers:

Mr. Martin Lau – Chairman
Mr. Martin Lau has more than 20 years of investment experience and is the Managing Partner at First State, a fund management company known for its expertise in Asia and emerging markets. He joined the firm in 2002 and is responsible for a team of research analysts and portfolio managers. He joined the RMC with the hope to serve the school community and listen to different stakeholders. Martin graduated from Cambridge University with Masters in Engineering and Bachelor of Arts degrees. He is also a Chartered Financial Analyst.

Mr. Clarence Chan – School Supervisor
Mr. Clarence Chan resumed as the School Supervisor in September 2016. He was qualified as a Professional Associate of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors in 1983 in the United Kingdom and he is a registered Professional Member of Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors since 1984. He is also an active member of the KTAC and previously served as Head of Education Department.

Mr. Howard Chan 
Mr. Howard Chan has been a member of the RMC since 2010. He is an Administrative Officer in the Government and has served in various departments and bureau. He currently serves as the Deputy Secretary for Food and Health responsible for public health policies and health services. Mr. Chan is a member of the KTAC Tai Wai Church.

Mr. Wing-Hung Lo 
Mr. Wing-Hung Lo joined the RMC in September 2019 and is currently a Senior Executive Officer at HKU SPACE Community College. He has been serving in the education sector since 2005. He also serves as College Manager of Christian Alliance Cheng Wing Chee College. Mr. Lo has been a member of the KTAC since 2000.

Mrs. So-Lin Sham
Mrs. So-Lin Sham retired from the Hong Kong  Baptist University as Head of Administration of the Student Affairs in 2016 and is currently its University’s Honorary Associate.  She has extensive experience in faculty administration and student affairs management. Mrs. Sham has attended the KTAC since 1988.

Mr. Alan Tang
Mr. Alan Tang joined the RMC in September 2016 and is currently a Chief Accounting Officer with a financial institution in Hong Kong. He has been an active member of the KTAC since he was at a young age. He also serves on the KTAC Board of Deacons.

Mr. Thomas Tong
Mr. Thomas Tong joined the RMC in September 2019. He serves as Controller (Finance and Administration) of Alliance Bible Seminary and School Supervisor of the Alliance Kindergarten. He has been a member of the KTAC Yau Oi Church since 1986 and is currently the Vice-Chairperson of the Board of Deacons at KTAC Yau Oi Church. Mr. Tong has extensive experience in the areas of finance and administration of faith-based organizations.

Mr. Aaron Wong
Mr. Aaron Wong joined the RMC in September 2019. He is one of the founding teachers and currently Principal of Christian Alliance S. C. Chan Memorial College. He has been dedicated to education for about 40 years, serving the local education sector with his experience in teaching, administration and management. He received the Chief Executive’s Certificate of Merit Award for Teaching Excellence in 2007. He has also been an active member of the KTAC Yau Oi Church since the early ’90s.

Professor Stephen Wong
Professor Stephen H. Wong joined the RMC in September 2018 and is currently Professor and Chairman of the Department of Sports Science and P.E. at CUHK. He is the VC Outstanding Fellow of the Faculty of Education and also serves as Co-Director of the Hong Kong Institute of Educational Research of the University. Professor Wong is a Fellow of the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and has published extensively in the areas of health and exercise science. His research interests include among others, physical activity and sedentary behaviour in schoolchildren. Professor Wong has been a member of the KTAC Yau Oi Church since 1986.

Mr. Richard Vanderpyl
Head of School

Dr. Richard Lee
Principal (IB and Projects)

Mr. David Best
Vice Principal (Prep - G3)

Ms. Evelyn Guttinger
Assistant Principal (Prep - G6)

Mrs. Samantha Zaccheus
Assistant Principal (G4 - 6)

Mr. Daniel Schick
Assistant Principal (G7 - 9)

Mr. Samuel Cheng
Assistant Principal (G10 - 12)