Scholarship Awards

Christian Alliance International School- a leading international school in Hong Kong – reserves funds to be distributed as scholarship awards to qualifying prospective students in Grades 7 to 11, who:

  • Demonstrate evidence of an outstanding academic performance
  • Fulfill specific criteria of an award
  • Positively take part in co-curricular activities
  • Proactively serve the School and the community
  • Demonstrate leadership either in academic, co-curricular activities, or community activities
  • Can uphold the vision and philosophy of the School

The Scholarship offers partial tuition fee waivers in the following categories:

Academic Achievement (Grades 7 to 11 students)

    • Eligibility – Students with outstanding academic achievements in the past two years. Each scholarship recipient can be awarded up to HK$35,000 (for Grade 7 to 9 students) and up to HK$50,000 (for Grade 10 to 11 students).

IB Diploma Programme (new Grade 11 students only)

    • Eligibility – Each scholarship recipient can be awarded up to HK$70,000 for their first year of Diploma Programme. Scholarship is only applicable to the first year of the Diploma Programme and new Grade 11 students.

Achievement in Cultural Studies (Grades 6 to 11 students)

 Art & Design  Students show excellence in the arts in the past two years.
Music & Performing Arts  Students show excellence in music and/ or performing arts in the past two years.
Sports Students show excellence in sports in the past two years.

Excellence varies from talent to talent and the CAIS Scholarship Committee will take the uniqueness of each talent into account when considering the application. Each scholarship recipient can be awarded up to HK$30,000. Emphasis is placed on students’ school performance in the past two years.

The Scholarship can only be used as fee waivers towards the cost of tuition fees.  Distinguished performances are recognized, and students’ contribution to the school community is valued and appreciated. Throughout the scholarship period, the School reviews student performance and encourages them to keep up with their excellent work. Prospective students who have not yet enrolled into CAIS, may apply for a Scholarship at the time of making a regular admission application to the school. Scholarship application will be reviewed and assessed by the CAIS Scholarship Committee when a place has been offered to the candidate.   

  • Complete the Scholarship Application Form
    (If you wish to reapply for a scholarship, please complete this application form)
  • Submit supporting documents and/or materials
  • Referees send the completed Referee Evaluation Form to the School separately
  • Applicants will receive an acknowledgement from the Admissions Office to confirm receipt of application and supporting documents
  • Printed copy may be posted or delivered in person to:
    Admissions Office
    Christian Alliance International School
    33 King Lam Street, Lai Chi Kok, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Prospective families are welcome to email the Admissions Office at to obtain the most up to date information about the Scholarship Awards.