School Council

CAIS recognized the values of parents and the community to be engaged in the education of children. It is through school council that parents and other members of the school communities have a means of participating in decisions that impact student learning success.

CAIS School Council is a structured group of parents, principals, teachers, secondary student and community representatives who work together to effectively support and enhance student learning by providing advice to the Head of School and the School Board. School Council is the official forum through which members of school communities play an advisory role in school improvement planning. Key factors in collaborative relationships are building meaningful, two-way communication and supporting respectful interactions among education partners. More information about CAIS school council, please contact us at

School Council Representatives:

    • John Ward (Chairman/ HS)
    • Stanley Ng (Vice Chairman/ LP)
    • Fanny Chan (HS)
    • Alex Lee (LP)
    • Rosa Ling (LP/HS)
    • Jennifer Lee ((UP)
    • Corinne Cook (LP)
    • Rody Koliloedjoer (PREP)
    • Benny Pang (Prep)
    • Andrea Ciamei (HS)
    • Ms. Kathy HON
    • Ms. Amanda SANDS
    • Mrs. Ruth KINGSBURY