CAIS 2for2 Walkathon : Where athletic spirit and creativity collide

August 31, 2020

What: The inaugural CAIS Walkathon will be held throughout September and community of CAIS is invited to walk 2km to raise fund for the CAIS Phase 2 development.
When: 1 September – 4 October 2020
Where: pick your own route


Step 1:
Pick a 2km route in September
Step 2:
Download a Pledge Form and start fundraising
Step 3:
Invite your family and friends to support our cause by making a donation
Step 4: Complete the 2km walk to honour your pledge
Step 5:
Download the Walkathon Tag and take a picture/ video with it during or after your walk
Step 6: Submit your photo/ video
Step 7:
Follow us on social media and Share the news with your friends and family
Step 8:
Repeat steps 1-7 as you wish😎


For students: please submit your pledge form to your homeroom teacher.

For everyone else except students: please submit your pledge form to Advancement Team:

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