CAIS students amplify school theme "Nerve to Serve"

October 11, 2020

Starting off the school year via Zoom was an unorthodox beginning which flustered many students and teachers alike. Many opportunities for extra-curricular activities were left on the wayside as the focus turned towards managing online learning. However, some committed and passionate students at CAIS felt the need to still improve themselves beyond academic scores and attending Zoom classes. Student leaders from the Social Justice Club (SJC), including: Ray Ho, Chloe Fong, Marcus Lai, Evelyn Lee, Jane Yung, Joyce Hui, Stephanie Ma, Rainbow Hui, Wendy Fung, and Ashley Wan, all participated in the Powered by Youth Forum workshop hosted annually by the Kids4Kids non-profit organisation with goals to develop social awareness and leadership skills.

The workshop aimed to help participants build a strong connection to their community, improve social awareness and understanding by creatively tackling social issues whilst giving participants an opportunity to build on their teamwork and communication skills. Through the workshop, SJC leaders participated in in-depth discussions about social issues, exchanged ideas with industry leaders and professionals, and were inspired with different ideas to impact their own Communities.