CAIS joins panel discussion on the future of education

February 9, 2021

Without any system of rankings and ratings, how do you choose a secondary school for your child? Generally accepted wisdom tells us to consider learning programs/styles, subject choices to further education pathways and to talk to existing students and parents. In this webinar, we put the leaders in the spotlight to share their values and visions for their own school.

What worked for your child in primary school may no longer work for your almost-teen. Adolescence is a time of huge change physically and emotionally and your child will encounter all sorts of issues as they grow. Their secondary school needs to be able to support them socially, emotionally as well as academically.

Is the school taking a whole-child approach or is it more focused on academic achievement? How is the school progressing and how do children of different abilities get on? How do they look after the emotional needs of teenagers? Where do their students go on to when they leave? How does the school engage parents? what strategies do they have in place for students that aren’t achieving their potential? What is their value add?

CAIS Head of School Mr Richard Vanderpyl joined a virtual conference “The Future of Education” on 23 January 2021 and shared insights on secondary education and the significance of striking a balance between academic achievement and emotional development.

The panel discussion was also joined by The Harbour School Hong Kong and German Swiss International School.