WWW: World-Wide Whizkid

Learning in a virtual global classroom

June 20, 2022

Twelve-year-old Vinci Chan (7A) has been interested in life science, biology, paleontology 🦖 and zoology since he was 3-4 years old. His parents and teachers have encouraged him to further pursue his interests outside of school. Since October 2021, Vinci has successfully completed numerous online courses hosted by various universities around the world while still managing his schoolwork! To date, he has completed and received 25 course certificates in various areas, such as paleontology, marine life, climate change and more. Vinci also enjoys reading and at the age of two and a half already recognized 500 English words! He definitely enjoys the challenge of testing himself.

We know a lot about Vinci’s extra-curricular studies, let’s find out some other interesting and fun facts about him in some quick-fire Q & A:

How has your newfound knowledge and skills helped you in your school studies?

Due to these courses, analyzations of different things have become easy for me, like observations and research in science class. The courses also help me get a better view of the world around me. 👀🌏

Your favorite subject at school seems obvious, but tell us about other subjects or activities you really enjoy at school and why?

I really enjoy English class and Christian Ethics class because they both teach me about wonderful moments and things, sometimes in the form of amazing stories. I also love drama because it helps me communicate with others in the form of body language. 📖✝️🎭

Who inspires (or motivates) you at CAIS?

Several teachers (including Mr. Gordon Chiu and Ms. Emma Van Vuuren) and my friends around me – they help me build up my strength and confidence in my studies and in the world I live. 💪🏼

What is your most memorable moment in CAIS so far?

When I stepped up into Grade 7, it was a symbol that I worked hard towards secondary grade and that made me feel proud of myself. 📚7️⃣

Which corner of the school do you like the most, and why?

I love the lecture hall because I look forward to hanging out with my friends there after lunch, watching movies and laughing away. 🍿📽️

What are you looking forward to with the new Amenities Building?

I’m excited for the new hall because I hope the school can host bigger school assemblies, host plays for bigger audiences – and maybe give me and my friends a whole new way of watching movies! 🎦🏩

What other (hidden) talents do you have?

I can make good rhymes and have a special side for poetry. I won a United Nations’ Poetry Competition when I was in Grade 5. 🖋️

What do you want to do when you are an adult?

I haven’t decided on my future career, but it’s possible I may end up doing something that requires observation, like an animal researcher, or something to do with English, like a writer. 🦎📝

“We hope Vinci’s interests can make his school life even happier. We feel his talents and achievements are just a part of the natural progression of humanity providing innate talents for a new generation.”

– Mr. & Mrs. Chan