Where did you grow up/study?
I grew up in Korea and went to elementary school in the United States. Living in the United States opened my eyes to the world and broadened the scope of my future to across borders. I also realized that learning a new language brings me to new places, leads me to new opportunities, and connects me with new people. This became one of the fundamental reasons why I chose to teach languages mainly as a teacher. I’ve had many more opportunities to explore different parts of the world through my schooling and work experience. During university, as I student-taught at an international school in Korea and at an American middle school I made up my mind to become a teacher.

What attracted you to teach at CAIS?
I fell in love with the genuine and rich Christian culture and the academically rigorous curriculum CAIS has. I am eager to join the welcoming, inspiring, and collaborative community of CAIS teachers. When I student-taught at an IB world school in Korea before, I found the IB Diploma Programme very exciting to teach. The opportunity to integrate social studies and global issues with some language arts throughout the curriculum at CAIS really thrills me. The school’s dynamic location in Hong Kong, where I really enjoyed traveling to before and which is also near my home country, was indeed an attraction, too.

Can you share one of your favourite bible verses with us?
Psalm 40 led my steps to CAIS as an international teacher with a missionary mindset. Putting my hope and trust solely in the Lord, I prayed with the chapter to be sent to the mission field God has planned for me. Just like verse 8: “I do not conceal your love and your faithfulness from the great assembly (Psalms 40:8 b)”, I wished to respond to God’s love and faithfulness by praising him and spreading the Gospel to the students I meet. To my surprise, Mr. Vanderpyl, the Head of School, mentioned this chapter during my job interview, and I could feel God’s strong lead and providence. As a teacher, I hope to confess my faith like verse 8 every day, and express God’s love and faithfulness to everyone I meet.