Exhibition of Collaborative Cut Paper Mosaic

September 21, 2017

To facilitate student-centered learning and engage students in immersive small learning communities in the enhanced school environment. We offer students a transformative educational experience and commit to supporting our students with the highest standards in teaching while preserving a sustainable and non-profit learning community. Currently, CAIS students in Grades 7-12 have been busy getting their year of learning started in art with a collaborative cut paper mosaic project for the corridors. It was important for learners to feel ownership over this space by helping it reflect the identity and creativity of CAIS. Large paper mosaics, featuring many of the boxes from the move, became their platform for this message. Each group of learners began their work by analyzing the space where their design would hang, and then working collaboratively to plan a suitable finished paper creation. Each finished mosaic shows the interests, creative ideas, and delicate craftsmanship of the artists responsible for these works. A colorful lion head, akin to the CAIS mascot, in Atrium 3 emphasizes the many pieces that must come together to create the beautiful and dynamic school we are apart of. The moving box cardboard composition near room 405 evokes symbolic commentary on the move, transition, and subsequent growth the campus has gone through in the last year. Many pieces along the 3rd and 4th floor spaces, like the Geronimo Stilton mosaic, are thoughtfully designed to suit the young audiences that populate those spaces. These works of art will be available for viewing until the end of September 2017, when they will be changed out for continued creations from the art classroom. In October, students will be exploring works that challenge the students in perspective and how they see the world around them. Thanks to all students who participated in this project.  Please enjoy photos of students’ excellent works.