January 4, 2018

[Update on January 26, 2018]Dear Parents,As we head towards the final stretch of the campaign, I am please to report to you that over HK$2,000,000 donation have been received. This campaign has once again showcased the love that parents have for the school and have rallied together to display their generosity in tangible terms. A huge THANK YOU to all who contributed. We have received some notable contributions (both large and small amounts) from the primary grades and a few from the lower secondary but I know the higher secondary can do more. A few of you parents have made a difference but together ALL of us can make a difference. To ensure that all of you (especially for the junior and senior seconday students) have the opportunity to give, we are extending the deadline for the campaign until January 27, 2018. Can we end the campaign at HK$3,000,000 in total. I will let you decide with your giving. In any case, we are grateful for each and every one of our CAIS family.December 19, 2017  Dear Parents,As mentioned in our recent 1st Parent Thanksgiving Forum, 2017 marked an important milestone for the whole CAIS community with the opening of our new campus at Butterfly Valley, Lai Chi Kok. We could not have accomplished this without your prayers, loving support and dedicated efforts to make our school a welcoming place to love, learn and serve. Looking ahead, CAIS has taken on the challenge of building the campus extension – Phase 2 development. The highlight of this ambitious project as you are all aware is to provide our students with the much-needed amenities for the development of our sports and fine arts programs. Donation is one of the important funding sources for the project and our fundraising goal towards the successful completion of Phase 2 is about HK$210 million. Through the GENEROUS DONATIONS of parents and community and in the past few months, we have been able to reduce the target to HK$160 million! Between December 20, 2017 and January 20, 2018 (extended until January 27, 2018), we are therefore asking you, dear parents, to prayerfully donate towards the Phase 2 school development project through the TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE Campaign. Every dollar donated will help us get closer to our goal. I am hoping through your prayers and contributions, we shall see this project to the completion of our target. Thank you so much for your continued support and your donations, even as we celebrate this season the greatest gift that God has given us – Jesus Christ – Our Saviour. 

With gratitude!Vinod KhiataniDirector of School Development

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