Congratulations to Sarah Jeong, the recipient for the Spirit of Canada Award

June 29, 2018

The Spirit of Canada award is presented annually by the Consul General of Canada to a student who has made an outstanding contribution in the service of others within the School, leading by example through a combination of participation, diligence, maturity, respect and integrity. The winner of the award this year has attended Christian Alliance International School since 2008.  Not only recognized as an academic leader, many will recognize this student as a great example in the classroom, on sports teams, and in student groups such as Student Representative Council and Glow In the Dark. She has been the recipient of various academic awards in the past, including multiple subject awards, and has been Student of the Year. But her positive and caring attitude, ability to bring everyone together, and quirky traits, such as her very healthy eating habits, are just a few of the reasons why she is so highly appreciated by students and teachers alike. The winner of the 2018 Spirit of Canada Award for Christian Alliance International School is a Grade 10 student, Sarah Jeong.