Special Announcement on January 28, 2020: School arrangement due to the Coronavirus

January 28, 2020

Dear Parents,

You will be well aware of the serious situation facing China, Hong Kong and the world due to the Coronavirus.  Please pray for those who are infected and for the medical staff who are dealing with this very serious virus.

You may also be aware that the HK EdB has suspended all classes in schools until the 17th of February at this stage.  This means that you are to keep your children at home during this time.

Of particular note is the following information for ALL families who have traveled to Mainland China during Chinese new year:  From the day you return from Mainland China, your child is NOT to attend school for 14 days from that date.  Therefore do not delay your return as we will be seeking information to ensure the highest level of protection for your children and the school community.  If at any stage, a member of your family shows signs of respiratory illness and symptoms, please seek immediate medical assistance.

I have instructed the staff to prepare lesson each day for the students and these will be made available to you through PowerSchool.  From Monday please keep PowerSchool daily for updated lessons.   Staff will work hard to maintain the highest standards possible for your child’s education even though it is being done online.

I am currently in Canada recruiting staff for 2020/21, fortunately, we have a very small number of staff to replace this year.  In fact, we have only had two resignations, both staff members returning to Canada.  We are pleased to see the very high retention rate for teachers this year, it is a blessing and sign of the school culture we have worked hard to build this year.

I am keeping abreast of all the developments in Hong Kong through the senior leaders there and will keep you informed as often as is needed.  I am in communication with the Alberta Education officials to work through the impact on students, in particular, the High School Diploma students.  Be assured we are doing all we can to assist your children during this difficult time for all of us in Hong Kong.

Richard Vanderpyl