CAIS continues to forge ahead with the development of the Phase IIB Aquatic Centre

February 18, 2022

CAIS shows that no obstacle can stand in God’s way. The school takes the next step to transform the dream into reality, with the completion of the indoor Aquatic Centre foundation, despite the COVID pandemic situation.

The Superstructure Work Contract Signing Ceremony between CAIS Limited and Advance Engineering Development Ltd, earlier this year, signifies the start of work on the Aquatic Centre’s superstructure. We are excited to see this development, even as the Phase IIA Amenities Building is in the final stages of fitting and finishing.

We look forward to expanding our students learning experience with broader course and ECA offerings that make use of all the amenities and space in Phase I and Phase II of CAIS. All this has been made possible through the generosity and prayers of the CAIS community and supporters.